April 4, 2018

Office Setup

What is Office Setup?

Office Setup is the product of Microsoft corporation ltd.

This is essential product for every digital device to perform professional or non professional activities for office.

Office Setup comes in two modules

  1. Offline – complete application package will be downloaded on users device. User can use the application anywhere and anytime on device.
  2. Online – complete package is installed on cloud and user can access it from any device using their credentials. Requirement for accessing is any device + internet connectivity. all work is been stored on cloud.


What is complete office setup package?

Office setup is complete package with multiple applications used for different purpose.

  1. Microsoft office word
  2. Microsoft office excel
  3. Microsoft office access
  4. Microsoft office project
  5. Microsoft office visio
  6. Microsoft office powerpoint
  7. Microsoft office OneDrive


Where to get office complete Package?

to get the complete office setup package you need to first purchase office from Microsoft office Product and then activate the office setup product key by visiting office.com/setup