February 15, 2018

Install Microsoft office 2016, office 2010 and office 365


Microsoft Office Setup online:

  1. First of all sign in to your Microsoft account at www.office.com/setup  or if you have outlook account or login.live.com account then it will also work. Go to office.com/setup and and redeem your product key. 
  2. After office key redemption,  Select Install of your product, select Install again. By default, this installs the 32-bit version of Office on your PC using the language you selected when you redeemed office setup product key. But If you want to install the 64-bit version, change your language.
  3. Once you will click on install internet explorer will show you a popup with the option Run. In Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox you will get the option to save the file. As soon as the file downloaded you need to open it manually and run the installation.
  4. Also you will be informed when installation done,It will Popup ” You are all set!”. Office is installed now and then the animated video will show you how to find office applications on your computer. Follow the instructions in the window, for example Click Start > All Apps to see where your apps are, and select Close.