What’s New in Outlook 2016


Like alternate applications in Office, Outlook hasn’t grabbed any radical new highlights or interface changes. Be that as it may, there have been some appreciated upgrades:

Mess: Outlook’s “Messiness” highlight is intended to enable you to channel away low-need email. You need to turn Clutter on in the Outlook Web App and have an Office 365 membership to utilize it. When it’s turned on Outlook will monitor the sorts of messages you read and the ones you don’t, and it’ll move irrelevant messages into the Clutter envelope.

New Archive and Groups catches on the lace make it speedier to get to these capacities.

Let me know: As with the other Office programs, the Tell Me box at the highest point of the strip gives you a chance to look for the charges you require in Outlook.

Better touch interface: If you have a Windows 2-in-1 and place it into tablet mode, Outlook’s interface turns out to be more touch-accommodating, with bigger catches to tap.

There are more old and new highlights covered underneath the surface. Discover more about the most current variant of Office on Microsoft’s blog.

Work Faster in Outlook with These Keyboard Shortcuts

Ace a couple of console easy routes and you’ll get to inbox zero a great deal snappier. Standpoint has a huge amount of console alternate ways, yet these are some you’ll likely utilize regularly:

Ctrl+N: Create another arrangement, note, email, or errand when you are in that view

Ctrl+Shift+M: Create another email message from any view

Ctrl+Shift+A: Create another arrangement from any view

Ctrl+Shift+C: Create another contact from any view

Ctrl+Shift+N: Create another note from any view

Ctrl+Shift+K: Create another assignment from any view

Ctrl+E: Open the inquiry box

Ctrl+M: Check for new email messages

Ctrl+Shift+I: Switch to the email inbox

Ctrl+Shift+O: Switch to the email outbox

Alt+S: Send a message

Up/Down Arrow: Go to the past/next message

Ctrl+G: Go to a particular date on the schedule

Ctrl+D: Delete a thing

Additionally, you can right-tap on the Outlook symbol in the taskbar to rapidly make another email, arrangement, meeting solicitation, contact, or assignment—without expecting to change to the Outlook window.

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