Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is available as a part of Microsoft Office and Windows 10.

Microsoft OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration.


OneNote is a great tool for taking personal or business notes.

The most important thing is that OneNote is not only used for storing Notes but you can also access those notes on multiple devices.

Users can also use it on mobile devices by installing OneNote app.


OneNote is a digital notebook. The main purpose of OneNote is to Take a quick note before you forget it.


The Best part of OneNote is that it automatically saves and synchronizes your notes so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas.


What facilities are Provided in Microsoft Online OneNote Book:


1. Inserting a Link in Microsoft OneNote Book:


You can easily insert a web link in one note.
if you type www.website.com in OneNote, it will automatically turn into Link.

To insert a Link manually –

Select the text
Click Insert > Link
Type the URL in Address
Click Insert


2. Inserting Pictures in Microsoft OneNote Book:

You can also insert pictures with your notes from your computer or online search.

To insert a Picture:

Click Insert > Picture for inserting picture from computer
Click Insert > Online Picture for inserting picture from online search.


3. Drawing a Table in Microsoft OneNote Book:

To store any information or data, using tables are the very important. OneNote provides you the facility to make table in it.

To insert a Table:


Click Insert > Table.
Select the table size (Raw & Columns)

4. Inserting More Pages in Microsoft OneNote Book:

If you need more space, you can simply add more pages in OneNote.

In the Page List Bottom side, Click + Page.
Write the title in heading.
Press Enter.


5. Inserting More Sections in Microsoft OneNote Book:

It is very easy to store data section wise in notebook.

At the bottom of the section list, click + Section.
Write the Section Name.
Write Description for the new section.
Click OK.


6. Share notes online by Microsoft OneNote:

If you want to share your data , notes with someone, then

Click on Share
Invite people by entering their email address.


Click on Share
Get a Link for share the note. Share the link with people.


for more information, visit : www.office.com/setup.

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