How to Start the Cutover Migration Batch And Route Email Directly to Office 365?

If you want to Cutover migration to Office setup 365, then you need to follow the complete process :


Verify you own the Domain

Connect Office 365 to Email System

Create the Cutover Migration Batch

How to Start the Cutover Migration Batch?

In the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients > Migration.


On the migration dashboard, select the batch and then choose Start.


If a migration batch starts successfully, its status on the migration dashboard changes to Syncing.

After the migration is done, the sync status is Synced.


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How to Route Email Directly to Office 365?


Email frameworks utilize a DNS record called a MX record to make sense of where to convey messages. Amid the email relocation process, your MX record was indicating your source email framework.

Since the email movement to Office 365 is finished, it’s a great opportunity to point your MX record at Office 365. This helps ensure that email is conveyed to your Office 365 letter boxes.

Moving the MX record will likewise give you a chance to kill your old email framework when you’re prepared.

For some DNS suppliers, there are particular directions to change your MX record. On the off chance that your DNS supplier is excluded, or in the event that you need to get a feeling of the general bearings, general MX record guidelines are given too.

It can take up to 72 hours for the email frameworks of your clients and accomplices to perceive the changed MX record. Hold up no less than 72 hours before you continue to the following errand: Delete the cutover relocation bunch.


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