How to Scam the Scammers?

These are only some normal cases of exemplary phishing tricks.

And keeping in mind that the perfect method to manage them is erasing them or hindering the sender, Netsafe (New Zealand’s autonomous, non-benefit online security association) is proposing something fascinating and worth your while.


Ensure online security with webroot : webroot install


On the off chance that you think you have gotten a trick email, basically forward it to

That is it! Re:scam will begin answering to the con artist’s email soliciting them an unending arrangement from questions and refering to stories to keep the discussion going.

The bot is intended to seem normal in its discussion – it can copy genuine human inclinations with humor and linguistic mistakes.


what Re:scam does here is it squanders the con artist’s chance with a phony stream of discussions so they have less time to go ahead with their activity of defrauding genuine individuals.

What’s more, as a reward include, Re:scam is equipped for playing boundless con artists on the double.


Webroot Complete Security.


Phishing is one of the most established traps in the tool compartment of cybercriminals.

Furthermore, $12 billion is lost all inclusive to phishing tricks each year – that is a great deal of hard-earned cash. It’s chance we went from guard to offense against these evil parcel.

Also, Netsafe is completing an incredible activity there!


Install webroot to ensure web security.


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