How to Resolve Error Code 30125-4 or 30125-1011 in Installing Office?

If you are trying to install Microsoft Office setup, then sometimes you may face some errors.

If you are getting error code 30125-4 or 30125-1011 while installing office setup, the reason behind this may be that your antivirus software, firewall, or proxy settings prevent you from installing Microsoft Office.

You can try the given methods to resolve the error:


1. Restart & Reinstall Office Setup:

Install or Reinstall office 365 / office 2016

Reinstall Microsoft Office

2. Use a Wired Connection:

You should use a wired internet connection to install Microsoft office setup.


3.  Turn off Firewall Temporarily:

Sometimes turning off firewalls may help you to install office setup.


4. Turn off Antivirus Temporarily:

For data about how to kill your antivirus programming, check your antivirus maker’s site. Uninstalling your antivirus programming may likewise help.

Keep in mind to reinstall it after Office is done introducing and in the event that you turned it off, make sure to turn it on once more.


5. Turn off Proxy Settings Temporarily:

If you use your device both at home and at work, try turning off the proxy settings in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer before you install Office. If you’re using a different browser, check their help to find out how to turn off proxy settings.

How to Turn off Proxy Setting in Microsoft Edge

How to Turn off Proxy Setting in Internet Explorer


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