Remove Incorrectly Spelled Words from the Custom Dictionary


As usual, Office 2003 offers a verifiable custom word reference that allows you to store terms and names that would some way or another get hailed as unrecognized in the midst of a spell check. Word and PowerPoint offer establishment spell-checking, so you should basically right-tap on a hailed term (wavy red line) and pick Add To Dictionary from the backup way to go menu.


Surpass desires and Outlook anticipate that you will run the spell checker yourself. When they encounter an unrecognized term, they’ll open the Spelling talk box and give you the decision to add the term to the custom dictionary. Regardless, the term will touch base in Custom.dic, the default custom word reference record, and each one of the applications will dismiss the term when they go over it afresh.


Every so often, be that as it may, you may by chance add an erroneously spelled term to the custom word reference. For instance, you may coincidentally mistype an association name or some new bit of dialect and add it to the word reference before you get your slip.

A word reference with inaccurate spellings in it is to some degree counterproductive, so it’s a keen idea to go in and remove them when they sneak in. Despite the way that Excel and PowerPoint 2003 let you add words to the regular vocabulary, you have to use Word (or Outlook) to change the word reference archive. Here are the methods for doing this in Word.


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Go to Tools | Options, tap on the Spelling and Grammar tab, and tap the Custom Dictionaries get

In the Custom Dictionaries talk box, guarantee CUSTOM.DIC is picked in the Dictionary List and snap Modify.

Exactly when the CUSTOM.DIC talk box opens, discover the inaccurately spelled word in the Dictionary list box, select it, and snap Delete.

To supplant the term with the correct frame, essentially type it in the Word content box and snap Add. When you’re set, leave all trade boxes by clicking OK.


Outlook 2003


In case you have to modify the custom word reference using Outlook, basically pick Options from the major Tools menu and tap the Spelling tab, as showed up in Figure E. Under Edit Custom Dictionary, click Edit. Angle will then open the custom word reference as a substance archive.


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