How to solve PowerPoint isn’t Responding, Hangs Error?


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Well, as we all know that Microsoft PowerPoint is an amazing tool for creating presentations, representing your business plans, college projects etc.


But sometimes you may face difficulties like: PowerPoint isn’t responding, hangs or freezes error. When your application stopped working.


How to Resolve PowerPoint isn’t Responding, Hangs or Freezes Error?


There may be different reasons behind this error of PowerPoint isn’t Responding, Hangs or Freezes.


Some of those reasons are listed below:



Investigate Possible Issues with Add-ins


Add-ins are used to enhance your experience of using the PowerPoint. But sometimes, you may face some issues because of these add-ins.


To resolve this issue, you can start PowerPoint without add-ins.


Go to Search button in your windows.

Type PowerPoint /safe

Click Ok.

Now go to File menu

Click Options

Go to Add-Ins.

Select COM Add-ins.

clear all the check boxes.

Click Ok.

Restart PowerPoint.


Repair Microsoft Office


Close all the Microsoft Office Applications, which are running like: Excel, Word etc.

Go to Control Panel

Open Programs and Features

Right Click on Microsoft Office version.

Click Change.

Click Repair.


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