Power BI Free versus Pro versus Premium


Power BI is Microsoft’s information perception programming. It’s viewed as a pioneer in the pack, and client reception has been developing quickly. There are three sorts of Power BI that you’ll see on the Power BI evaluating page: Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium. In this article, I will separate the contrasts between the three so you can comprehend what you’re taking a gander at.

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Power BI Free

Power BI Free is incorporated into all Office 365 Plans, and you can agree to accept Power BI Free whenever you like.

This free form is shockingly useful. It enables you to associate with many information sources (no restriction/limitation other than the measure of information you pull in), clean and set up your information, and construct representations (no restriction). The greater part of the sorts of representation choices in Power BI Pro are accessible in Power BI free.

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro is an extra $9.99/client/month ($12.20 CAD). It is likewise incorporated into Office 365 Enterprise E5. It includes a group of new highlights:

On-Premise Data Gateways

On the off chance that your information lives On-Premise (not some place in the cloud), you would now be able to associate with this information and dissect it. A typical case of this is a self-facilitated SQL database.

More Data Storage

Power BI Pro permits you up to 10 GB for each Power BI Pro License. The free form tops you at 1GB for every client.

Better Data Refreshes

In Power BI Pro, you can better calendar information invigorates with the goal that your group dependably has the most recent form of your information.

Sharing and Collaboration

The key component here: If you need to share information, reports, and dashboards secretly – you have to take a gander at Power BI Pro. It enables you to impart your information to singular colleagues, or distribute endeavor wide “substance packs” and “applications” with push level information security. You can neither offer with others nor devour imparted substance to Power BI Free. Everybody that you need to impart substance to must be alloted a Power BI Pro permit, UNLESS you choose to move up to Power BI Premium.

Purchase Power BI Pro

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Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium isn’t a kind of client permit. Consider it a move up to your whole organization’s capacities. Associations with Power BI Premium have a super-controlled server running their Power BI condition; this enables them to outperform a few points of confinement. It is somewhat costly ($5000-$20000/mo), so just the biggest organizations will receive use in return.

Isolate Resources

Not any more “uproarious neighbors”. Power BI Premium gives you your own preparing condition, so your Power BI activities can’t be backed off by different clients that aren’t even inside your organization.

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More Storage

Your organization gets up to 100 TB of information stockpiling to partake in Power BI Premium.

Bigger Datasets

Power BI Premium enables you to work with datasets up to 50 GB in measure.

Free User Sharing Access

On the off chance that you utilize Power BI Premium, at that point free clients can expend shared dashboards.


In conclusion: Power BI Free is very practical, however there are constrains on information revives, sharing, and information stockpiling that make Power BI Pro an appealing update. Power BI Premium, then again, is a super-redesign that your whole association can utilize in the event that you need to process substantial datasets.

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