Page Setup choices in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

You can change the slide size and introduction, set the paper measure for printed slides, and alter headers and footers from Page Setup in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.


Set the slide size and introduction


On the File menu, click Page Setup.

Under Size, select a choice from the Slide measured for list.

On the off chance that you select Custom, enter sizes in the Width and Height boxes.

Under Orientation, pick an introduction for both your slides and any notes or presents you intend to print.

Pick a paper estimate or make a custom paper measure

On the File menu, click Page Setup, and after that snap Options.

Select a size from the Paper Size rundown.

On the off chance that you select Manage Custom Sizes from the rundown, you can characterize a custom paper measure; tap the in addition to sign to make another paper definition, and after that enter sizes for width, stature, and non-printable territory.


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Include or alter headers and footers

On the File menu, click Page Setup.

Snap Header/Footer.

Include the date or time, slide numbers, or footers to your slides.


Set other print alternatives

You can likewise set the paper estimate and the header and footer by clicking File > Print.

From here, you can likewise pick a printer, the quantity of duplicates to print, the quantity of slides imprinted on a page, and the paper introduction, among different alternatives.


For more details, visit : Page Setup options in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac


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