Microsoft Office Activation after Reinstalling or Moving Office

If you want to activate Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 2013. The process is very easy by using activation wizard.

Activation Wizard helps you in the complete process of activation for Microsoft Office. There are different methods of activation.


  1. Microsoft Office Activation over the Internet
  2. Microsoft Office Activation over the Telephone
  3. Microsoft Office Activation after reinstalling or moving office


Microsoft Office Activation After Reinstalling or Moving Office:


If you follow the transfer terms in the Software License Terms, you can move Office to a different computer, but you must activate it by phone and then uninstall Office from the original computer.


If you haven’t installed Office on another computer yet, follow the instructions in Install Office on your PC or Mac.


Uninstall Office from the original computer.


Read the Software License Terms to review terms on transferring Office


Open any Office application, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.


Go to File > Account > About program name (like About Excel) > View the Microsoft Software License Terms.


If your office is not activated yet, visit here:



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