How to Lock a Lost Windows Device?

On the off chance that your work area, PC, tablet, or Surface is lost or stolen, utilize Find my gadget to find and bolt it remotely.

To locate the lost gadget, it must run Windows 10 and be marked in to your Microsoft account. You can likewise utilize Find my telephone to discover, find, bolt, and even delete your Windows Phone.


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How to Find your Device?

Go to

sign in to the Account.

Choose your device from the list, then select Find my device.

You’ll see a map with a highlighted location.

When a Microsoft device is turned on, we periodically save your device location, so check the Last seen at timestamp.

How to Lock your Device?

When you find your device on the map, select Lock > Next.

Type a lock-screen message for anyone who finds your device to see.

Select Lock. Note that anyone who finds your locked device can’t sign in unless they are an admin for a Microsoft account already on the device.


How to Ring or Lock your Phone?


Go to If you’re asked to sign in, use the same Microsoft account you used to sign in to your phone.

From your device list, choose the phone you want to find, then select Find my phone.


Ring: To make your phone ring, select Ring and follow the instructions. It will ring even if the volume is turned off or set to vibrate.


Lock: To lock your phone and show a message on the lock screen, select Lock and follow the instructions.


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