Important Keyboard Shortcuts of Windows 7

Almost certainly Windows is getting increasingly easy to understand with each passing year. Presumably!

Microsoft is striving to make its item open to everybody.


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Check Some Important Shortcut Keys of Windows 7:


Right Shift for eight secondsTurn Filter Keys on and off
Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtScn (or PrtScn)Turn High Contrast on or off
Left Alt+Left Shift+Num LockTurn Mouse Keys on or off
Shift five timesTurn Sticky Keys on or off
Num Lock for five secondsTurn Toggle Keys on or off
Windows logo key +UOpen the Ease of Access Center


Ctrl+TabMove forward through tabs
Ctrl+Shift+TabMove back through tabs
TabMove forward through options
Shift+TabMove back through options
Alt+underlined letterPerform the command (or select the option) that goes with that letter
EnterReplaces clicking the mouse for many selected commands
SpacebarSelect or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
Arrow keysSelect a button if the active option is a group of option buttons
F1Display Help
F4Display the items in the active list
BackspaceOpen a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box


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Windows logo keyOpen or close the Start menu.
Windows logo key +PauseDisplay the System Properties dialog box.
Windows logo key +DDisplay the desktop.
Windows logo key +MMinimize all windows.
Windows logo key +Shift+MRestore minimized windows to the desktop.
Windows logo key +EOpen Computer.
Windows logo key +FSearch for a file or folder.
Ctrl+Windows logo key +FSearch for computers (if you’re on a network).
Windows logo key +LLock your computer or switch users.
Windows logo key +ROpen the Run dialog box.
Windows logo key +TCycle through programs on the taskbar.


Windows logo key +PChoose a presentation display mode.
Windows logo key +GCycle through gadgets.
Windows logo key +UOpen Ease of Access Center.
Windows logo key +XOpen Windows Mobility Center.


Windows logo key + Plus Sign or Minus SignZoom in or out
Ctrl+Alt+SpacebarPreview the desktop in full-screen mode
Ctrl+Alt+FSwitch to full-screen mode
Ctrl+Alt+LSwitch to lens mode
Ctrl+Alt+DSwitch to docked mode
Ctrl+Alt+IInvert colors
Ctrl+Alt+arrow keysPan in the direction of the arrow keys
Ctrl+Alt+RResize the lens
Windows logo key + EscExit Magnifier


Ctrl+NCreate a new document
Ctrl+OOpen an existing document
Ctrl+SSave changes to a document
F12Save the document as a new file
Ctrl+PPrint a document
Alt+F4Close WordPad
Ctrl+ZUndo a change
Ctrl+YRedo a change
Ctrl+ASelect the entire document
Ctrl+XCut a selection
Ctrl+CCopy a selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl+VPaste a selection from the Clipboard
Ctrl+BMake selected text bold
Ctrl+IItalicize selected text
Ctrl+UUnderline selected text
Ctrl+=Make selected text subscript
Ctrl+Shift+=Make selected text superscript
Ctrl+LAlign text left
Ctrl+EAlign text center
Ctrl+RAlign text right
Ctrl+JJustify text
Ctrl+1Set single line spacing
Ctrl+2Set double line spacing
Ctrl+5Set line spacing to 1.5
Ctrl+Shift+>Increase the font size
Ctrl+Shift+<Decrease the font size
Ctrl+Shift+AChange characters to all capitals
Ctrl+Shift+LChange the bullet style
Ctrl+DInsert a Microsoft Paint drawing
Ctrl+FFind text in a document
F3Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box
Ctrl+HReplace text in a document
Ctrl+Left ArrowMove the cursor one word to the left
Ctrl+Right ArrowMove the cursor one word to the right
Ctrl+Up ArrowMove the cursor to the line above
Ctrl+Down ArrowMove the cursor to the line below
Ctrl+HomeMove to the beginning of the document
Ctrl+EndMove to the end of the document
Ctrl+Page UpMove up one page
Ctrl+Page DownMove down one page
Ctrl+DeleteDelete the next word
F10Display keytips
Shift+F10Show the current shortcut menu
F1Open WordPad Help


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