How to Keep Junk Email Out of Inbox in Microsoft Outlook?

If you want to keep the Junk & spamming mails out of your inbox, then you can report the junk emails. So it will not appear in your inbox.


How to Report an Email in

Select the message you want to mark as a phishing scam and select Junk on the command bar.

or right-click the message and select Mark as junk.


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How to Mark a Message as a Phishing Scam?

Go to the Junk Email folder

Right-click the message, and select Mark as phishing.


How to Ignore Junk Email or Instant Messages?

To empty your Junk Email folder:

  1. In the navigation pane, select Junk Email.
  2. At the top of the screen, select Empty folder.


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How to Choose a Junk Email Filter? offers two levels of separating for garbage email: Standard and Exclusive.

Standard : Standard does the average measure of email separating. Any message that the channel decides is garbage is sent to your Junk Email organizer.

Exclusive : Exclusive is extremely prohibitive. It just trusts new messages that originate from individuals from your Safe Senders list and your Safe mailing list.

It additionally trusts cautions that you have agreed to accept and benefit declarations. Every single other message are placed in the Junk Email envelope.


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