List of Internet Security Tips You Must Follow

If you are concerned about your online security, it’s essential to know which are the best cyber security blogs that could help you stay informed about the most recent trends in the threat landscape.


List of Internet Security Tips You Must Follow


Install mcafee with product key for complete security.


Use Desktop Firewalls:

Mac and Windows computers have basic desktop firewalls as part of their operating systems. When set up properly, these firewalls protect your computer files from being scanned.


BACK UP on a Regular Basis:

Regular, scheduled backups can protect you from the unexpected. Keep a few months’ worth of backups and make sure the files can be retrieved if needed. Download and install CrashPlan and learn how to back up your system.


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Keep all Applications up-to-date:


with the latest patches, and use a less-targeted browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


Mobile Devices are an Open Gate to Our Privacy, Secrets, and Money:


Be very careful what apps you choose to install and pay special attention to what permissions each app is requesting. For instance, it doesn’t quite make sense for a weather app to demand access to your photos, does it?


Uninstall JAVA Compiler:

Outdated Java Version can cause a lot of damage to your computer. These old versions have a lot of security loop holes which can help the malicious programs to enter into the system memory. This can result in the destruction of functioning of the computer system.

Create a Guest Account:

You should create a guest account with limited permission or access. Most of the daily work should be done on this account. Administrator User should be used only when necessary.


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