IMAP Migration from an On-Premises Exchange Server to Office 365

When you attempt an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) relocation from an on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365, you have a couple of decisions for advancing the movement execution.


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Upgrade IMAP Migrations

Here are a few hints for upgrading an IMAP Migration:

Increment as far as possible to your IMAP server. Numerous firewalls and email servers have per-client limits, per-IP address points of confinement, and general association limits. Before you relocate letter boxes, ensure that your firewall and IMAP server are designed to permit a huge, or most extreme, number of associations for the accompanying settings:

The aggregate number of associations with the IMAP server.

The quantity of associations by a specific client. This is essential on the off chance that you utilize a chairman account in the comma-isolated esteem (CSV) movement document since all associations with the IMAP server are made by this client account.

The quantity of associations from a solitary IP address. This utmost is regularly authorized by the firewall or the email server.


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Change the DNS Time-to-Live (TTL) setting on your MX record. Before you begin relocating letter drops, change the Domain Name System (DNS) TTL setting on your present MX record to a shorter interim, for example, 3,600 seconds (60 minutes).

At that point, when you change the MX record to point to your Office 365 email association after all letter drops are relocated, the refreshed MX record ought to engender all the more rapidly as a result of the abbreviated TTL interim.

Run at least one test movement clusters. Run a couple of little IMAP relocation clusters before you move bigger quantities of clients. In a test relocation, you can do the accompanying:

Confirm the arrangement of the CSV document.

Test the movement endpoint used to interface with the IMAP server.

Confirm that you can effectively relocate email by utilizing executive qualifications, if appropriate.

Decide the ideal number of concurrent associations with the IMAP server that limit the effect on your Internet data transfer capacity.

Confirm that organizers you avoid aren’t relocated to Office 365 letter boxes.

Decide to what extent it takes to move a cluster of clients.

Utilize CSV documents with a similar number of columns and run the clumps at comparable circumstances amid the day. At that point look at the aggregate running time for each test clump.

This correlation will enable you to assess to what extent it will take to move all your letter drops, how expansive every relocation bunch ought to be, and what number of synchronous associations with the IMAP server you should use to adjust movement speed and Internet transfer speed.


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