How to fix error code “AADSTS65005” in Microsoft Cloud Services?

Microsoft cloud services need no introduction today. These cloud services created for the purpose of building, testing, deploying and managing various applications as well as services through a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data centers.


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This information remains stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere provided the user has the right login ID and password.


While trying to access the cloud services, users may face several errors. Some of which can be fixed manually, while others require help from a certified technician.

The most common errors users face is the error code AADSTS65005. Like the other errors, this also has a solution. Before we tell you the solution, let’s know more about the error.



While logging in to the Microsoft cloud services using a company app, if AADSTS65005 error occurs, you will see the below mentioned message:

“The client application has requested access to resource. This request has failed because the client has not specified this resource in its requiredResourceAccess list.”



The main reason behind the occurrence of the error is that your company’s application might not be register with Azure AD. The other reason could be your company’s app may not have the correct permissions applied.


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To fix the error, you can do any of the followings according to the cloud services you are using:

Registering your app with Azure AD so that it can gain access to Office 365 APIs
Tell the Azure AD required information to register the app in the directory.

This info include:

Application, including the URL where it’s located.
The URL to send replies after authentication, i.e. Reply URL and Redirect URI
The URL to identify your application, and more
Application ID

Follow the further instructions and enter the asked information to complete the registration

Register application for dynamics CRM

Register the external application in Azure and provide a redirect URI during this process. This URI can be any valid URI. The Azure app registration process will generate a client ID string.

Now, configure the app by providing the client ID and then redirect URI in the app’s authentication code or configuration file when asked on the Azure app registration page

Apart from the aforementioned two, you can also try registering a web app for power BI to fix this error. However, if nothing works in your favor, contact the Microsoft customer support and get an instant help from a certified technician.


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