Resolve Error code 30145 when Installing Office

If you want to install office setup, sometimes you may face some issues or errors.  If you receive an error : 30145, then you have to follow the given procedure to resolve it.


How to Resolve Error code 30145 when Installing Office?

Follow the given steps:


Restart your Device and Try Installing Microsoft Office Again:

Save your work and close any programs you have open, and then restart your computer.


Once your computer restarts, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, and sign in with the account associated with Office Setup, and then select Install.


Repair your Office app from the Control Panel:

Go to the Start button.

Select Control Panel.

From Category view, under Programs, select Uninstall a program.

Click the Office product you want to repair, and then click Change.

Select Repair and then click Continue.


Uninstall and Reinstall Office:


Uninstall or Reinstall office setup for MAC

Uninstall or Reinstall Office Setup


Manually Remove Office:

If the previous steps doesn’t work, then you have to remove office setup  manually.


Uninstall office 2007 Manually

Uninstall office 2013 Manually

Uninstall office 2016 Manually


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