How To Solve Error 1713 While Installing Microsoft Office

When you Install Office Setup 2007 or Office Setup 2017 you may get Error 17013.

The installation process of Microsoft Office Setup shows you the error when you double-click an .msi file: “Error 1713” or “MSI Error 41”

To solve the error you need Microsoft office support.

When you double click on the .msi file, you get the following message:


Error 1713

MSI_package_name cannot install one of its required products. Contact your technical support group.

System Error: See


MSI Error 41

Contact your administrator or product vendor for assistance.


The reason behind this error is, you can not install 2007 Office suite or an individual 2007 Office program, or an Office 2010 suite or individual program by running an .msi file.


How to Solve 1713 Setup cannot Install Office Setup Error:


You must run the Setup.exe file. To do this, locate the Setup.exe file in the root folder of the installation source, and then double-click the file.


This property applies to Microsoft Office 2007 & Microsoft Office 2010.


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