How to Enable Outlook Anywhere – Exchange 2010

You can utilize the Enable Outlook Anywhere wizard on the Exchange Server 2010 Client Access server to enable clients to associate with their Exchange letter drop from the Internet.

Viewpoint Anywhere disposes of the requirement for clients in remote workplaces or portable clients to utilize a virtual private system (VPN) to associate with their Exchange servers.


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Enable Outlook Anywhere:


  • Use the EMC to enable Outlook Anywhere
  • Use the Shell to enable Outlook Anywhere


How to Use the EMC to Enable Outlook Anywhere?



In the console tree, navigate to Server Configuration > Client Access.

In the action pane, click Enable Outlook Anywhere.

In the Enable Outlook Anywhere wizard, type the external host name or URL for your organization in the box under External host name.

This is the URL, for example, that users will use to connect to the Exchange server by using Outlook Anywhere.

Select an available external authentication method. You can select Basic authentication or NTLM authentication.
Basic authentication sends the user name and password in clear text. It also requires that users enter domain, user name, and password every time that they connect to the Exchange server.

If you’re using an SSL accelerator and you want to use SSL offloading, select the check box next to Allow secure channel (SSL) offloading.


Click Enable to apply these settings and enable Outlook Anywhere.

Click Finish to close the Enable Outlook Anywhere wizard.


How to Use the Shell to Enable Outlook Anywhere?


You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure.

To see what permissions you need, see the “Outlook Anywhere configuration settings” entry in the Client Access Permissions topic.


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