Email Security and Anti-Spam

What is Spam Mail?

Commercial advertising through mails are known as spam emails. These emails are the best option that makes advertising affordable and much feasible. Spam emails are most commonly termed as junk emails. Most of the spam emails are sure to possess links that would direct the recipient to phishing or malicious website.


What is Anti-Spam?

Anti-spam is used to refer to the software or methods used to detect spam mails or spam ads and thus protect emails, SharePoint collaboration and instant messages from malware threats. The anti-spam filter software assists in detecting and blocking spam much in advance even before it reaches the internal mail platform.


Install Mcafee for Email Protection.


What is Email Security?

Email security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service. It allows an individual or organization to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses/accounts.


How to Protect my Email from Spam?


  • Set up multiple email addresses.
  • NEVER respond to any spam. …
  • Think before you click ‘unsubscribe.’ …
  • Keep your web browser updated. …
  • Use anti-spam filters.


Mcafee Security for Email Servers


Install Mcafee Product Key for keep your system healthy.


Keep your System up and Running — Prevent viruses, worms, and advanced threats from entering via email or propagating internally via Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino.

Keep your Employees Productive — Block spam and phishing attacks.

Single Console Management — McAfee ePO software provides a powerful, single management console to control, manage, and view reporting.

Protect Critical Data — Filter incoming and outgoing emails to preserve information security and reduce corporate liability using DLP and reputation technologies (IP, message, URL, and file reputation).

Intuitive Graphical User Interface — Simple-to-use interface provides rich reporting, charts, and real-time email traffic statistics


For more details read : Mcafee Security for Emails


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