How to Create a Contact in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outllook is a perfect business tool for multiple uses.

You can create mails, share documents, create contacts, create task lists in outlook.

You can always stay connected with your colleagues & share important & personal data with Microsoft Office Tools.


How to Create a Contact in Microsoft Outlook?

You can save the details of people you want to stay connected with.

In Microsoft Outllook contacts, you can save the name, number, email address, pictures, birthday, address of any person.


To create a new contact – In People, choose New Contact.

Or you can use the shortcut key ( press Ctrl+Shift+C )

Fill the details of person.

Click on Save.


How to Get a List of the Contacts in your Outlook Address Book?


Open Outlook, choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.

Export to a file > Next.

Select Comma Separated Values.

Select Export to a File page.

Select Contacts as the folder to export from for your account.

Select Next > Browse, and then go to the location where you want to store the comma-separate values (.csv) file.

Type file name and click OK > Next.

Click Finish to start the export process.


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