How to Create a Group in Outlook?

Groups is a feature of Office 365 that provides a shared workspace for collaboration and sharing in office setup

The workspace comes with a shared inbox, calendar, document library, OneNote notebook, and planning tool.

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An Office 365 group is different from a contact group.

A contact group is a set of email addresses.


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How to Create a Group in Outlook?


Open Outlook on the web.

In the navigation pane, next to Groups, select the + button.

In Choose a name, enter a group name that briefly captures the spirit of the group.

A suggested email address is provided.

In Add a description, enter a detailed description of the group to help others understand its purpose.

In Privacy, do one of the following: Private or Public.

Select Send all group conversations and events to members’ inboxes.

Select Create.

If you’re ready to add members to your newly created group, continue with the create group wizard.

Or select Not now.


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