Configure and Deploy Windows 10 Enterprise with Windows AutoPilot

If you want to configure and deploy a Windows 10 Enterprise using Windows AutoPilot, then follow this article.


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1. Consideration Phase:

This guide makes a few suspicions in regards to fundamental, business-basic contemplations previously overhauling an OS in an endeavor situation.



With Windows AutoPilot, a gadget consequently joins their association’s Azure AD aggregate once a client signs into their association from the gadget.

The Group Policy arrangements are naturally pushed to the new gadget. It’s basic to comprehend that these arrangements must be appropriately designed inside an association before setting up Windows AutoPilot profiles.




Security customers are normally found on all PCs inside an association.

Since these projects guide into the more profound levels of the OS, you may need to play out a similarity evaluation before beginning any Windows 10 relocations. You may need to update, reconfigure, or even supplant Some product.

Not playing out this evaluation can prompt:

Local application similarity checks coming up short and keeping a set up overhaul from beginning.

Softened usefulness up the security programming.

Insecurity in the wake of moving up to Windows 10.

We prescribe utilizing Windows Defender Antivirus and Windows Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). For more information, see Enable Windows 10 Enterprise security highlights.


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Survey current antivirus programming. Windows 10 accompanies Windows Defender Antivirus to shield gadgets from malware, infections, and security dangers. We suggest Windows Defender Antivirus. To empower Windows Defender Antivirus, see Windows Defender Antivirus and Protect gadgets with Windows Defender Antivirus.

To find out about antivirus arrangements from different suppliers, see Consumer antivirus programming suppliers for Windows.


Application status

Every window 10 discharge gives enhanced application similarity. In any case, some applications may not be perfect. Contingent upon the application, you may need to just complete a basic overhaul or arrangement refresh before moving up to Windows 10. In different conditions, you may need to evacuate an application.

Make certain to evaluate business basic applications and comprehend the effect of moving up to the following OS. Organize the workloads that effect minimal number of individuals amid sending.

See the accompanying Upgrade Readiness assets to help with application stock, driver similarity issues, and utilization data:

Oversee Windows Upgrades with Upgrade Readiness

Arrange Windows diagnostics information


2. Testing Phase:

Once you’ve completed the scenarios and requirements in Step 1: Consideration phase, you can move to this stage.

To use Windows AutoPilot, make sure you are ready to perform these tasks:

  • Networking
  • Identity
  • Client readiness
  • Diagnostics data


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Read the prescribed procedures for organize arranging and enhancing movement execution for Office 365.

Plan for organize gadgets that associate with Office 365 administrations.

Audit arrange effect of catalog synchronization.

Ascertain the quantity of customers to utilize per IP address and comprehend Network Address Translation (NAT) bolster with Office 365 and how it impacts the quantity of clients and customer gadgets you can present with a solitary IP address.

Make space name framework records for Office 365 at any Domain Name System facilitating supplier.

Decrease mail trade (MX) DNS record time to live (TTL) esteem.



Add a space and clients to Office 365.

Introduce and run the Office 365 IdFix instrument, which examines your on-premises Active Directory condition and distinguishes issues that may affect catalog synchronization and ease back your relocation to Office 365.

Arrange Active Directory for catalog synchronization with Office 365 and coordinate on-premises registries with Azure AD.

Get ready to arrangement clients through catalog synchronization to Office 365.

Know the essentials for Azure AD Connect, at that point introduce and run the Azure AD Connect instrument to synchronize your on-premises Active Directory to the Azure AD benefit utilized by Office 365.

Decide custom establishment of Azure AD Connect (full form of SQL Server for registry synchronization, if required).

Coordinate your on-premises characters with Azure AD.

Adjust a rundown of required ascribes with AD Connect to get every one of the highlights in Office 365 and Windows 10.


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3. Deployment Phase:


Enable auto-enrollment using Azure AD Premium.

To allow this functionality, see Enable Windows 10 automatic enrollment.


Register device ID.


Deploy Office 365 ProPlus 2016 apps to Windows 10 devices using Intune.

For a Microsoft 365 powered device, you’ll need to deploy the Office 365 ProPlus 2016 suite to Windows 10 user groups. To do this:

  1. Configure the app suite by choosing specific Office 365 ProPlus apps.
  2. Configure app information, such as suite name, description, and category.
  3. Configure app settings, including versioning (32-bit versus 64-bit), the update channel, and languages.
  4. Save these configurations.


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