How Does Computer Viruses Work?

You can ensure yourself against infections with a couple of straightforward advances:

In case you’re really stressed over customary infections, you ought to run a more secure working framework like Linux and, to a lesser degree, Apple‘s Mac OS X.

You never catch wind of infections on these working frameworks since they speak to such a little piece of the market they’re focused by a wide margin less infections than the Windows working framework.

Apple’s OS X has seen its offer, yet infections are still predominately a Windows issue.


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How to Protect Computer From Viruses?


Downloading executables or records from the Internet is inadmissible, and anything that keeps running in your association ought to be infection checked and affirmed first. Spontaneous executables, archives, spreadsheets and such shouldn’t be keep running inside any association.


Be careful with files that come from a floppy disk or any other external storage when you open it in your CD ROM of floppy drive. You should know its source, or better yet, when you insert it, have it scanned with your anti-virus program before you open the files.


Make regular backups of important work and data, and check that the backups were successful.


Produce a set of guidelines and policies for safe computing, and distribute them among employees. Make sure that every employee has read and understood them and that they know whom to contact if they have questions.


Run your anti-virus program everyday. There are many virus programs that you can get for free scanning.


if you really want to protect all of your valuable work and software, you must- absolutely -keep backups of everything on your computer. If you are in your Institute office, make sure you place copies of all your work files on diskette, or, for Staff and Faculty, in your network drive folder. If you are working on your home computer, make sure you have some backup measure in place- whether it be to diskette, tape, ZIP, or otherwise.



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