How to Change the Properties for an Office File?


Report properties, otherwise called metadata, are insights about a document that portray or distinguish it.

They incorporate points of interest, for example, title, creator name, subject, and catchphrases that distinguish the report’s theme or substance.

On the off chance that you incorporate the archive properties for your documents, you can without much of a stretch arrange and recognize them later.

You can likewise scan for archives in view of their properties or embed them into your reports.


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What are the Document Properties?


1. Standard properties

By default, Office reports are related with an arrangement of standard properties, for example, creator, title, and subject.

You can indicate your own particular content qualities for these properties to make it simpler to compose and distinguish your archives.


2. Consequently refreshed properties

These properties incorporate both record framework properties and measurements that are kept up for you by Office programs. You can’t indicate or change the consequently refreshed properties.

You can utilize the naturally refreshed properties to recognize or discover archives.


3. Custom properties

You can characterize extra custom properties for your Office archives. You can dole out a content, time, or numeric incentive to custom properties, and you can likewise dole out them the qualities yes or no.

You can look over a rundown of recommended names or characterize your own.


4. Record library properties

These are properties that are related with reports in an archive library on a site or in an open envelope.

When you make another archive library, you can characterize at least one record library properties and set principles on their qualities.

When you add reports to the archive library, you are incited to incorporate the qualities for any properties that are required, or to refresh any properties that are inaccurate.


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View or make custom properties for the present record


Custom properties will be properties that you characterize for an Office archive.

You can relegate a content, time, or numeric incentive to custom properties, and you can likewise allocate them the qualities yes or no.

You can browse a rundown of proposed names or characterize your own.


1. Tap the File tab.

2. Snap Info.

3. Snap Properties at the highest point of the page, and afterward select Advanced Properties.

4. Tap the Custom tab.

In the Name box, type a name for the custom property, or select a name from the rundown.

In the Type list, select the information write for the property that you need to include.

In the Value box, type an incentive for the property. The esteem that you compose must match the choice in the Type list. For instance, on the off chance that you select Number in the Type show, you should type a number in the Value box. Qualities that don’t coordinate the property write are put away as content.

5. Snap OK.


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