Tips to Avoid Being Scammed Over the Holidays

We may have quite recently gone on a shopping binge amid Black Friday and Cyber Monday, yet a significant number of us are as yet designing up to look for the occasions, with a great part of the movement happening on the web.

The 2017 Cyber Monday Phishing Survey found that two in five U.S. consumers have fallen victim to an online phishing attack, while 91 percent of people know about the existence of spoofed websites and emails of trusted brands.


How to Avoid Being Scammed over the Holidays?


1. The E-Holiday Card Scam:

Emails appear to be coming from any popular e-Card site and include a link for you to view the card, but the link is malicious.

So you need to save yourself from clicking on these links.


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2. Not Delivered In Time Scam:

There’s more consumer concern over whether an item will arrive in time for the holiday.

Some vendors will falsely promise you an item is both in stock and able to arrive by a desired date.


3. Keep a Paper Trail: 

Print and save records of each online transaction, including product description, price, online receipt, terms of the sale, and copies of any email exchange with the seller.


4. Protect your Personal Information: 

When you buy online, only fill out required fields on a vendor’s checkout form. Before providing personal or financial information, check the website’s privacy policy.


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5. Password Stealing Scams:

Password theft remains a popular online scam as the financial rewards to cybercriminals can be immense. Do not click on links or attachments from unsolicited emails, to help avoid downloading password stealing software.


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