All About Stop Cyberbullying Day

What is Stop Cyberbullying Day

Stop Cyberbullying Day is an international awareness day launched by The Cybersmile Foundation on 17 June 2012, which takes place on the third Friday in June annually.

The day encourages social media users around the world to promote positivity, diversity and inclusion online, showing their support for the campaign on Twitter using the #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY hashtag.

The next Stop Cyberbullying Day will be held on 15 June 2018.


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Each year, Stop Cyberbullying Day brings together corporations, educational institutions, media outlets, non-profit organizations, governments and public figures to speak out against cyberbullying and digital abuse of any kind and defend our human right to freedom of speech while adhering to the basic principle of mutual respect for others.


With these enlightening actualities about digital tormenting, rehearsing compelling hostile to cyberbullying measures is the need of great importance.


How about we investigate:


Advance Awareness:

The initial move towards change is mindfulness. Tell, share, talk about and do everything to bring mindfulness among individuals about cyberbullying. Trade thoughts and detail methodologies to enable the individuals who to have been tormented and spare others from getting to be casualties.


Report Authorities:

If you have been encountering tormenting of any shape or feel that somebody is being tormented, at that point don’t endeavor to stow away/overlook things. Quickly report the concerned law specialists with the goal that they can help the casualty in escaping the circumstance and charge the domineering jerk.


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Be a Responsible Parent:

As a parent, it is your obligation to screen your youngster’s online exercises and his day by day schedule. Keep a nearby watch on how much time he spends perusing the web, who all he meets outside, what sites does he visit on the web, and so forth. Nonetheless, utilize a parental control programming to guarantee that your checking exercises stay mystery from your tyke.


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